Fingertips Beta 0.9

Improve productivity while working with your PC


  • Includes an app launcher and text replacement tool
  • Can be totally customized


  • Text replacement doesn't work properly
  • Doesn't index hard drive in real time, which means you can's search as you type

Not bad

FingerTips is a mixture between an application launcher and a text replacement tool that's intended to save you time and improve your productivity. However, not all that glitters is gold and FingerTips has some issues that prevent it from being a really handy app.

The program has two main functions: one is launching applications just by entering the hotkey that you have previously assigned to it. The same applies to opening folders: it doesn't work on a search-as-you-type basis, but rather on a user-created acronym method. Also, Fingertips seems to be very much oriented to working with Outlook, as you can tell from the amount of key shortcuts dedicated to specific functions in this program.

The other function is replacing hotkeys with longer strings of text, which is supposed to save you loads of time and typing especially if you tend to write the same texts over and over again. Unfortunately this feature didn't work properly for me: I created new hotkeys but they never got replaced by the original text, and sometimes the program crashed while working on it. So while I wait for a future version that will hopefully solve these issues, I recommend you to use Launchy or Texter instead.

While the aim behind Fingertips is certainly a very interesting idea, the program still needs some further development, as it falls short of expectations.

Wouldn't You Want To Get Things Done Much Faster? And with much less interruptions in your natural thought-process? Your computer can aid in achieving a state of flow, instead of hindering the flow of ideas and concentration.

There is a big problem with modern computers. And that is the fact that most people use their mouse exclusively to drive their PC. The mouse is great for tasks that you perform infrequently. But when it comes to processing your e-mail, opening applications, surfing to often-visited websites, mousing is terribly slow.

As soon as you get to know Fingertips, you'll find that you will become much more productive. Fingertips was designed by a recognized expert in working smart. He developed Fingertips for his own use at first. And only when people started begging him to release it to the general public, he turned Fingertips into a downloadable product.



Fingertips Beta 0.9

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